Bed & Breakfast accommodations have become popular these days. Most tourists prefer to stay in bed & breakfast accommodations since it is way cheaper than staying on hotels.

Because of the increase of bed & breakfast chains around the world, Buzzfeed and Bed and Breakfast points out some of the most beautiful and most amazing bed & breakfast there is. These are the most notable among others. 

1. Union Street Inn, Nantucket, Massachusetts- The Union Street Inn has a great architectural design. The inn has 12 rooms available for rent and each room has its own private bathroom. Some rooms even have their won wood-burning fireplace to keep renters warm during a cold day. One of its great features is how renters can decide what kind of food they want for breakfast. Yes, customers get to make their own menu.

2. The Sunrise Room at Port D'Hiver, Melbourne beach, Florida- The D'Hiver is an ocean front bed & breakfast. It is best for those who want to have a taste of living near the oceans. Its room has features such as having French doors, large latticed balcony with an ocean view and a spa tub for two. The room is also bright and sophisticated perfect for a vacation by the ocean.

3. Le Quartier Sonang, Amsterdam- The Le Quartier Sonang is a townhouse in a middle of a fashion, thater and museum district. It nestled in the most favored neighborhood of Amsterdam. It is also just five minutes walk towards the Canal Ring. With two luxury mini-suites, this peaceful bed & breakfast makes renters at ease and feel comfortable even when traveling.

4. The Senator's Cottage at Tickle Pink Inn, Carmel, California- The Senator's Cottage is said to be the last enduring structure from the century-old estate of State Senator Edward Tickle. The room looks quite historical and bright. According to the owner of the inn, the two-bedroom shelter has a living room, whirlpool tub, kitchenette, wood-burning fireplace and a large patio that overlooks the ocean.

5. The Presidential Yurt at Gan Hamlachim, Amirim, Israel- The Gan Hamlachim is located a village in Upper Galilee. The yurt of Gan Hamlachim makes the list of the most beautiful bed & breakfast. With features such as a Jacuzzi bath, kitchen, fireplace, smart LED TV in 3D along with the minimalist design of the yurt makes staying in it comfortable and breath-taking.