Most countries' best attractions include the zoo. People who travel around the world visit the zoo despite having a zoo in their own city or country. They enjoy looking and taking pictures of different kinds of animals.

Great zoos provide animals a place just like how their natural habitat should be. It is where animals are given value and importance, as they are the center of attraction just like a celebrity. Here are some of the most amazing zoos around the world as listed by 10 Most Today and Escape Here.

1. Bronx Zoo, New York City, US- The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest and oldest zoos around the world. It is said to be housing 650 different kinds of animals with a total of 6,000. Because of it being a great zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society founded a veterinarian society to provide primary care for 15,000 animals all over America.

2. Berlin Zoo, Germany- The Berlin Zoo contains almost 17,000 animals. Being one of the oldest zoos in Germany, it is as big as 84 acres. The Berlin Zoo was established with the help of King Frederick William IV of Prussia by donating 850 animals from his own collection. The zoo has a tough history due to the World War II where it was destroyed. However, it was rebuilt through the surviving animals and it started to get back up on its feet.

3. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand- The Wellington Zoo houses native endangered species in New Zealand such as the Kiwi and Sumatran tigers. With an area of about 32 acres, this is one of the biggest zoos in New Zealand; it is also the oldest zoo in the country. It contains 100 different species. The zoo is well appreciated for their use of sustainable resources and green technologies as they take care of the animals.

4. Basel Zoo, Switzerland- The Basel Zoo houses rare animals even those you cannot see in other zoos. Some of these animals are the Pygmy hippopotamus and Indian Rhinos. It is known for its successful breeding programs for endangered species. This zoo is a non-profit zoo.

5. San Diego Zoo, California, US- The San Diego Zoo is considered as one of the best zoos with its large area of 100 acres housing over 4000 animals of 800 different species. The zoo already applied cage-less like housing for some animals.