Daniel Gillaspia, along with his partner Bradley Darnell, have been traveling into different places all over the world. Gillaspia is a part-time attorney in Houston, Texas. With the help of rewards from 45 credit cards and airline points along with proper airline miles management, Gillaspia and Darnell have traveled into different places already.

As reiterated by Travel and Leisure from an INSIDER report, Gillaspia said that traveling is indeed expensive but he's convinced that there is something called 'travel hacking'. As he said, "I started to learn the ins and outs of everything, and then I was like, 'Alright, well, I'm going to put this knowledge into practice and see how far it can get me.'"

One of the tips the travel hacker, Daniel Gillaspia, shared is making sure of finances. According to him, people who usually run out of credit card balances should rethink getting into his practice. "... because rewards credit cards almost always come with some of the highest APRs (annual percentage rates"," he said.

He also suggested to choose cards with valuable sign-up bonuses. He said that cards aren't always created equally. He used the Chase Sapphire Reserve as an example with it offering a 100,000 point sign-up bonus which could be converted into $10,000 worth of first-class airfare. He also added that keeping an eye out for multiple sign-up offers will also be of help.

Despite having a total of 45 credit cards combined, Gillaspia and Darnell have been keeping track of them carefully. Gillaspia uses three to four cards usually and manages them in a spreadsheet. He suggests that paying off your credit card balances each month will help increase your score over time and use your points into something of good value.

Gillaspia also suggests of flying out of airline hubs. "It's just a better, more efficient use of miles a lot of times, if you're going through hubs," as he said. Lastly, he suggested of having a companion pass. This pass permits another person to fly for free once you reach a certain number of points. Gillaspia and Darnell have been using this pass to explore places together. "I would say that while the first class experiences we enjoy are certainly our favorite way to fly, earning the Southwest Companion Pass was one of the best things we ever did", Gillaspia added.

With all these tips from great travel hackers, you might be able to travel in many places you have been longing to visit. Here is a video on how to choose the right rewards card for you: