Renfe Operadora, Spain's state-owned passenger and freight rail transport announced that it will begin to implement wi-fi service come next month. The announcement came with recent developments being introduced in the country's railway system as overseen by the Ministerio de Fomento or the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

First to connect is the route between Madrid and Seville starting on December 5. Barcelona to Madrid route is next to be connected come April next year. The on-board internet service complete deployment target is set by the end of 2017 connecting all the eighty-nine (89) high-speed AVEs servicing Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia to the worldwide web according to the The Local.

The internet service will be available for free to its loyal passengers via +Renfe, the train's loyalty program. Upon sign up, passengers will be able to enjoy the minimum 20mb internet speed. "Preferente" or first class passengers are offered a much higher bandwidth connection. For those want web connections of 100mb need to pay €4 ($4.45) to avail of the said internet speed. The metro train will also offer commuters the choice for a Premium service - PlayRenfe for those who want to stream movies and local TV shows through satellite and 4G connections via a Movistar package.

The additional service intends to make the commuting more enjoyable for travelers so they can do their socials, read online newspapers or even work while on fly. While passenger safety is the topmost priority of the railway, it is also concerned with its customer's welfare during commute and while inside the stations. The same service will be enjoyed by tourists who would want to be connected as they explore all that Spain can offer.

The Spanish government has been Investing hugely on the country's high speed railway system. This year alone Renfe added 600 miles of new tracks expanding its high-speed service to eight provincial capitals including Zamora, León, Palencia and Burgos. Renfe, for this expansion, is teaming up with Telefonica, Spain's most preferred telecom service.