Good news for those travellers who want to document their trip on a very detailed manner! Finally, an app called Journi is there to remind you of your whereabouts anywhere, anytime. Have a paperless diary and enjoy the perks of having a handy dandy notebook that accompanies you even you're travelling solo.

Journi is an offline travel journal that helps you create a story or mobile blog using the pictures in your smartphone. Just write a caption and click on the map icon to highlight your travels. If you're hiking in a remote mountain like Macquarie Island, Australia, you do not have to worry about the Internet connection because this app will automatically track your activity even if offline.

Let your friends and family join your adventure by posting into a shared timeline. But if you want to take a social media-sabbatical leave, you can make it private. Have a great time alone paddling a boat in Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona or go to Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon and order the affogatto; the perfect combination of espresso over homemade coconut ice cream, yummy!

Connect with your friends through Group journaling. It's an excellent tool for multi-generational outings or gatherings. Journi is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones. It is downloadable and absolutely FREE.

You can also share your journey in other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, simply open your tour on the web and in the top right corner you will have the options to share it or simply copy the link. Still familiarizing the app? Just take a tour of the other journi-members who share their vacations to public. Follow other travelers, visit

Take a peek of Caroline Delgado's vacation to Scotland. In her account she posted, "Calton Hill After visiting the castle and before going to the Parliament, we climbed this hill up this small park, from which you can have a nice view over the whole city and its surroundings, as the Holyrood Palace. There are also a number of monuments to see on it: the National Monument of Scotland, a giant memorial for the fallen in the Napoleonic wars, is the biggest and most impressive one, but there are also an observatory and other nice buildings to complete the scenery."