Walking on water is traditionally a trick performed by deities - but soon visitors to Florida will be able to do the same, thanks to a futuristic submerged plaza. The waterfront at West Palm Beach will be transformed into a futistic-looking plaza and to reach it, you will have to walk into the sea. But fortunately, you won't get wet as the whole complex will be set on a floating base that's inspired by the technology used on submarines.

 According to www.dailymail.co.uk, in order for you to get there, you have to walk down a pair of 'leafy ramblas' that take you from West Palm Beach's city centre right into the lagoon. The plaza, known as Currie Park, with be taking up around 19-henctres just off the coast of Lake Worth Lagoon. It will feature restaurants, shopping areas as well as apartment blocks with a stunning view. In their spare time, residents can attend events at the auditorium or relax in the circular pool that overlooks the sea.

According to www.express.co.uk, the design has been created by global architectural firm Carlo Ratti Associati, which has bases in Italy, Boston, London and Torino. This ultra-modern project has been commissioned by Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene, according to a spokesperson for Carlo Ratti. The entire plaza is surrounded by water and the submarine technology incorporated into the design will allow it to float up and down according to how many people are using the space. Part of its floatation system is a series of air chambers. They are designed to automatically open and close, taking on and expelling water as needed depending on the number of people walking on the plaza.

Carlo Ratti told Dezeen: 'Architecture usually conceives of buildings as separate, autonomous entities, but in this case, the plaza inhabits the water as if it was carved right into it. 'The water becomes a moving element that harmoniously accommodates the new public space.' This unique plaza is due be completed by 2018 and work on this project is scheduled to start this month.