Four months after its initial release, the game Pokemon Go has reached the 100 million download mark in less than two months. But the excitement has decreased and reports showed that Pokemon Go players have decreased based also on the rapid drop in social mentions and visible players, according to Android Police.

In line with this, Niantic has thought of a way to retain active players and lure their players back into the game by adding daily rewards which they thought was the thing that the game lacked and caused the number of its active players to drop.

Like any other games and phone applications, daily rewards are the bonuses players receive whenever they log into the game everyday like gems, coins, cash or anything that you would have to pay for if you want to buy things or make an upgrade on a specific game.

Daily rewards on Pokemon Go will include 500 experience points and 600 Stardust for catching one critter a day. If players will be able to do this consistently for a week, they will receive an extra 2000XP and 2400 Stardust which they can use to evolve a Pokemon, according to IBTSimilar bonuses will also be given out for consecutively visiting Pokestops, and the update will replace Stardust with different items.

Visiting Pokestops will give players 500 experience points and some additional items but Niantic has not yet announced what these additional items are. The Daily bonuses will be credited 24 hours after catching the Pokemon. This would mean that even low- level players will be able to get at least some progress every day without being forced to take over a gym before they claim some coins. As of now, Niantic has not yet revealed the date for the update on the game but it showcased the last update in its first global event which ended Thursday last week.