In an article from the, a flight attendant shares her experience during the boarding of a flight from Miami to Caracas, Venezuela. Apparently, their concern were regarding the passengers in seats 30A and 30B who seems to be lacking some 'personal hygiene.'

According to the flight attendant, "The foul stench hit me like a Mike Tyson punch. I almost gagged. Never have I experienced such foul body odor on an airplane."

Inside their flight attendant manual - a person can be removed from the aircraft for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, obnoxious, unruly or violent behavior; apparent intoxication or drug use; and dress that causes discomfort to others. And that the airline also has the right to deny boarding anyone with insufferable body odor.

The flight attendant first tried to relay the issue to their purser who ordered her to direct the passengers to come to her, but the passengers declined upon knowing that the reason was due to their body odor. The passengers then had no other choice but to disembark the flight as the flight attendant relayed the orders now given by the Captain.

Personal hygiene is just one of the things that annoys plane passengers. The annual survey of Passengers from Hell conducted by global ratings agency, showed 33 per cent of respondents considered seat recliners as nightmare number one.

According to, other annoying passenger found were parents who let their children run riot came in third, passengers who want to hog the armrests, and passengers who insist on talking.

But personal hygiene seems to be a continuing major issue among airplane passengers. According to Lonely Planet, a Just Flights survey found that smelly passengers were the major annoyance while British newspaper The Independent reported earlier this year that three in every five passengers questioned said flyers with offensive odors were a major issue.

Addressing these issues should always start from oneself, being a good example to others may just be the influence one needs to start doing the same thing.