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United Airlines

United Airlines To Suspend Venezuela Flights -- Why?

United Airlines decided to cut flights from Houston to Caracas, Venezuela due to the failure of profiting.


As Long Lines In Airports Rise, TSA Struggles To Cut Waiting Times

Travel Tips: Most Annoying Plane Passenger Habits You Must Never Do During Flights

Personal hygiene is just one of the things that annoys plane passengers. Addressing these issues should always start from oneself, being a good example to others may just be the influence one needs to start doing the same thing.


OLY Opening Ceremony X Nieminen

Finland, Qatar, UAE Top World's Safest Cities; UK, Less Safe Than Rwanda, Saudi Arabia

Global heavyweights such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America fared poorly, lagging at 63rd, and 73rd place, respectively. According to The Telegraph, this puts them below countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and Rwanda.



5 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

It should be noted that some of these cities, while aesthetically beautiful and full of culture, are not governed by strong laws, and are generally unsafe.


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