Beyond Wonderland stages one hell of a show. There's electronic music by the likes of Kaskade and Tiesto beating into your eardrums. And there's also a hookah-smoking caterpillar atop a giant mushroom on stage along with party creatures handing out gigantic blue icing "Eat Me" cupcakes to the crowd. Oh, and let's not forget the human-size white rabbits frolicking around.

This fantasy rave, Beyond Wonderland, takes its theme inspiration from "Alice in Wonderland". The festival beckons attendees and travelers to "Embark on an adventure to the far side of the forest." and it makes it happen via wandering, costume-clad characters, interactive art and wild backdrops to accompany the main acts.

Around 40,000 sexy, twenty-something party goers stream in for the two-day peace, love and dance scene. They don creative outfits, their glitter sparkling and rainbow-colored beads bobbing to the spacey trance, dubstep and house beats. Everyone grooves alongside each other with no judgment. It really is a storybook realm.

The layout divides into four main areas where the characters and settings from Alice in Wonderland come to life. There's "The Funk House", in which this enclosed stage is made from recycled wood panels that packs the funk and soul under one roof.

Next is the "Queen's Domain". This is the premier stage is decked out in the coolest finery. A giant hookah-smoking caterpillar sits on top of a massive mushroom at the stage's center. Big-name acts perform beneath the looming set piece while psychedelic lights flash, spin and beam out over the throbbing crowd. Freaky graphics flare on jumbo screens. LED sea creatures surf overhead amid upraised, kandi-coated arms. And throughout it all, the caterpillar keeps on puffing and sending plumes of smoke into the air.

Then, there's the "Mad Hatter's Castle" which is a medium-sized stage sans the over-the-top scenery of the Queen's Domain. Still, nearly 1,000 LED panels, booming speakers and an arsenal of lasers make for a brain-altering experience.

Lastly, there's "Cheshire Woods" The Woods is a springy, mid-size stage sending out lots of deep house beats creating heavy, body bumping fun.