In what better way can a pilot propose to his significant other than on an plane? An Australian Qantas pilot proposes to his South American girlfriend who pops out the question in Spanish via intercom.

Ellis and his soon-to-be bride met in Spain in 2012, while they were both doing the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

This is how the proposal happened.

"We also have a very special passenger on board today folks, her name is Ana," Ellis says as the camera in the video finds her seat.

"She's travelling back to South America now to visit her family and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia. So now that I have her complete attention: Quieres casarete conmigo? Will you marry me?" he asks.

Ellis then emerged from the cockpit with a bouquet of flowers to greet his ecstatic girlfriend, who said yes to the cheers of fellow passengers.

The Huffington Post says that a video of the proposal was also posted on Qantas' Facebook, showing Captain Ellis greeting those on the plane before popping the special question to his girlfriend Ana, while her reaction is being filmed.

Captain Ellis also said keeping the proposal a secret from his girlfriend was no easy feat, not least because camera crew were on board to film the happy occasion.

"I have only ever kept one secret from Ana before and it was when I returned from Colombia and made a photo PowerPoint presentation of our travels. I cannot keep a secret. I am amazed I did it and I haven't even told her what her Christmas present is. says that Ana will now say a temporary goodbye to her future hubby as she continues to Colombia to share the happy news with her family. And for the rest of the passengers and crew of flight QF93? They probably just had one of the most romantic flights ever courtesy of Captain Ellis and his soon to be bride.