February 27, 2024 8:52 AM


Travel Tip: Mexico’s ‘Yucatan Peninsula’ Has Exquisite Beaches and Caves, Ruins to Explore

With the winter season in the US, the Yucatan Peninsula offers an alternative with its exquisite beaches and many ruins and caves to explore, aside from the warm weather.


Qantas Pilot’s Proposal To Grilfriend During Flight Gains Online Following With #Proposalgoals

In what better way can a pilot propose to his significant other than on an plane? An Australian Qantas pilot proposes to his South American girlfriend who pops out the question in Spanish via intercom.


Chatbots: Learn French, German and Spanish With A Robot While On The Go

The language-learning platform Duolingo is introducing chatbots wherein users can learn new languages. The chatbots, is an AI-powered and language-learning app that offers a way to have conversations while you're trying to learn French, German and Spanish.


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