With the continuing development and improvement on facilities going on in tourism-rich places, it would not be a surprise if travelers get ecstatic about their trip. A key to a memorable travel is a well-organized preparation. Avoid travel-epic-fails, here are the do's and don'ts to follow when traveling.

1. Do stay alert.
Being alert and keeping a good observation with what is happening around help travelers become proactive to anything or anyone that looks like a potential problem like the pickpockets.

2. Do keep extra pennies in secret pockets.
When things get unfortunate and you happen to experience the cliché "lost my wallet during the trip" situation, the least that you can do is to either report to authorities or head back to the hotel. But how can you do these things if you do not have a single penny with you? This is where the secret pocket comes in. Secret pockets do not always have to be pockets attached to garments. You can keep cash with you in your shoes or anywhere that is not prone to get picked. In this way, you can still head back to the hotel or head to the nearest authorities where help is available.

3. Do secure important documents
Important documents would include passport and identification cards. Securing these documents to a safe place is a priority. Losing these things on a trip is definitely one heck of a hassle.

1. Do not bring too much cash.
Bring cash with you and leave some in your hotel room. Travelers are encouraged to bring less cash with them when roaming around as they are prone to get robbed. Also, as mentioned above, do keep extra pennies in your secret pockets.

2. Do not ever show off your gadgets.
A crowded place is a pickpocket's playground. Showing off your gadget is like an invitation to snatchers.

3. Do not forget to adjust to locals.
When traveling abroad, it is important to have at least a little knowledge about the culture of the locals especially on what is offensive and what is not.

Fun and relaxation have always been our system's need from time to time. But before anything else, wouldn't a trip be more memorable if you come back home safe with all your valuables? Travel wisely, and avoid the hassle.