Three Dog Night is an iconic American band from the sixties. They earned 12 gold albums and recorded 21 consecutive Billboard Top 40 hits, seven of which went gold. And they are set to play their hits in Saban Theater this coming November 4th.

Their first gold record was "One", ranked 5th in the US charts at the time and was written and recorded by Harry Nilsson. The group had three US music charts' number 1 songs, wherein each of them featured a different lead singer. "Mama told me not to come" was sung by Cory Wells on lead, and was also their only song to go in the Top 10 music hits in the UK. "Joy to the world" was sung by Chuck Negron and "Black and white" was done by Danny Hutton. It was stated that 40 million record albums were sold by the band during this time.

In 1981, Three Dog Night reunited to release their ska-inspired single, "It's a jungle". The reunion featured all of the original members, except Joe Schermie, who was succeeded by Mike Seifrit until 1982. Richard Grossman then replaced Seifrit and stayed with the band until 1984.

The album "Three Dog Night with the London Symphony Orchestra" came out back in May of 2002. The album was recorded both in Los Angeles and in London at the famous and musically historical, Abbey Road Studios. This album included two new songs from the band which are titled. "Overground" and "Sault Ste. Marie".

"Three Dog Night, Greatest Hits Live" was released back in August of 2008. The album is a compilation of previously unissued live 1972 and 1973 recordings from concerts in Frankfurt, Germany, and Edmonton, England.

Three Dog Night released two new songs back in October 24th of 2009, titled '"Heart of Blues" and "Prayer of the Children". Both were widely received by fans and music purists.

The band has undergone numerous lineup changes and may have evolved artistically, as some might put it, but one thing remains constant. And that is the classic sound of sixties' rock that can linger in your ears all night long.

Travelers passing through Los Angeles may want to stop by and catch them in their upcoming concert.