This festival is not just the spectators' event. The culture of the Texas Renaissance Festival indulges participation, and it highly visible that attendees definitely get into character once they get into costume.

With 400 hired actors planted throughout the festival, it can be hard to tell the difference between them and the attendees. The general rule is that the more you're into the spirit, the better it is. Even If you don't happen to have laced corsets on hand, you can rent costumes outside of the festival gates. Just choose your threads carefully as there are tons of things to do as you walk between the petting zoo, comedy acts, Falconer's Stage and Globe Theater.

The Texas Renaissance Festival has more than one thing being enjoyed and celebrated over the weekend. Recent festival themes have included Oktoberfest, All Hallows' Eve and even a Celtic Christmas. And whatever the weekend entails, the ambience of Bacchanalian Hedonism is the constant, epitomized by the "The Kings Feast," which is held every weekend inclusive of the festival dates and is one of the most popular events. This exuberant dinner theater features a two-hour procession of wine and cheese, several courses, dessert and an all-you-can-drink wine and beer served from the seemingly bottomless chalice.

Despite its' Euro-sensibilities, the Texas Renaissance Festival is pure Americana. This is obviously portrayed by the love a good theme park. And much more than an educational venue, a renaissance festival, particularly a Texan one, offers the travelers' highly enjoyable mode of shopping, snacks and wild entertainment.

So, forget the stereotype of hats and the cowboy boots when going to Texas, as the Lone Star state will long remain as one of the premier places to don a bustier. A definitely great venue to eat, drink, shop and celebrate the Renaissance, American-style.