You're reading good books while feeling the cool breeze, sun-dappled white sand, blue skies enveloping the pristine beach, inviting you to shout, "The best vacation ever!" Then all of a sudden you heard a ring coming from your phone flashing "BOSS." The stillness of the moment was shattered. You forgot to submit your presentation for tomorrow's event and your superior is gritting his teeth in anger and dismay.

In response, here you are packing up your books, feeling cold because of nervousness and you're struggling to run fast on the white sand. You need to go back to the city because your three-day- holiday break became a one-day-old vacation.

Here are some of the reasons why your dream retreats becomes a nightmare.

1.You forgot.

You told your boss, "Noted on that and sorry, I forgot."

Night before the incident, you cram before leaving your workplace. You left the office at the time when Cinderella left her shoe. Since you're too excited, you thought you just sent all the files needed. Without a care in the world, you confidently went home without checking your to-do-list.

Being forgetful is always the guilty party of having a good vacation, talking about the hassle of going back and forth because you left something like your house key, plane ticket or worst your own luggage.

2. You're with the wrong people.

You are in the right place but with the wrong companions. You want to swim, they want to shop. You're in a tight budget and they want to splurge. You're hungry but they're on diet.

Vacation means freedom and obliging yourself to follow what they want to do is just a waste of time. Before that happen, plan ahead, brainstorm what activities that the group wants to do. Collate all your wish lists and jot it down in your itinerary, win-win.

 3. Bad weather.

Obviously, travelling with a bad weather is not a good idea. To avoid this, research the best time to travel. Plan not just outdoor activities but indoor games as well. Because of climate change, the weather becomes very unpredictable, so you better have Plan B.

There are a lot of other reasons why we doesn't always get what we want. But it's a matter of perspective; you need to be optimistic about it. Your expectations are just ideas; it's all in your head.

If you want to have a really good vacation, then all you have to do is to be adventurous. Go with the flow and just relax.