Most people sleep early while on vacation to make the most use of daylight hours to go hiking, sailing, and other fun vacation activities. However, there can be just as much fun things to do at night as during the day. Here are the Top five best night time activities for moon lovers you can do while on vacation in Central America.

1. Costa Rica Rainforest Nighttime Nature Walk

Boasting more than 500 species of plants and wildlife, including toucans and howler monkeys, Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa offers a Nighttime Nature Walk through the rainforest in search of nocturnal animals such as tree frogs, caimans and other local species. Travel Pulse says that the resort's tour package offers snacks to enjoy while gazing at the moon.

2. Moon and Wine in Guatemala

The "Moon & Wine" boat tour at Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel costs just $75 and takes travelers on a private boat tour as the moon rises over the Quexil Lagoon. A complimentary bottle of wine is included, and guests can even hire an onboard bartender to join in the moonlit cruise.

3. Night Paddleboard at The Bahamas

For fitness geeks who burn in the sun easily, Pappasurf offers $65 for a 90-minute night-glow paddleboard tour. While most travelers come to The Bahamas for sunbathing, who's to say moonbathing can't be the next big thing for this island paradise?

4. Mexico Turtle Conservation

From June to December, the Casa Magna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa offers the rare opportunity for guests in assisting with resort's turtle protection program. At 10:30pm, the resort's resident marine biologist guides guests, and tells them about the conservation project and efforts in patrolling the beach. According to The Tribune, at $129, guests are even allowed to monitor the nesting turtles and release new hatchlings into the ocean, a once in a lifetime experience, made more beautiful by the light of the moon.

5. Florida Full Moon Yoga and Moonlight Meditation

W Fort Lauderdale, known as a chic resort in the area, regularly hosts "The Journey", a series of yoga events. A full moon lit yoga experience and fiery open drum circle is open to all, with the evening starting out with an eye gazing journey into the sacred space, and then an hour long yoga flow session.

Towards Florida's west, the Longboat Key Club offers "Moonlight Meditation" once a month during the full moon. A certified instructor guides guests in opening their chakras, and putting guests in a deep state of relaxation, made stronger by the light of the moon.

The instructor is partnered with another practitioner whom plays singing bowls, and the location of the class depends on where in the resort the moonlight shines strongest. Between the gorgeous marina and its many yachts floating at the dock, to the soft grass of the hotel's golf courses, or even the long, beautiful beachfront, these sessions are complimentary for all guests and is a must-experience!