Pokemon GO's, the Niantic's augmented reality game has changed the game world by miles for the past four months since it has been released.

However, the immense hype seems to gradually decline as Niantic developers still have not put into service all of their promised features.

Majority of the features were shown during the game's trailer during the time it was released.

Purportedly, it now faces the sad turn out of events: from Pokemon Go craze to steady decline in users.

The Pokemon Go features which most frustrated fans have been gibbering about are the following: a better tracking system, the battling system between friends and users, the trading system, and the Legendary Pokemon.

According to iTech Post, One Reddit user expressed his disappointment and stated that Pokemon GO will die if it does not make any of the demanded features by the end of the year.

Not only has the game been stormed by raves about 'broken' and unfulfilled promises, but they are also faced with the decline of Pokemon GO trainers.

Players or trainers have started to mind less about battling and tracking since a number of their friends have decided to quit playing anyway.

The craze and excitement has been gone. They found the lack of these promised features inadequate and weakening for gaming.

From concise factual posts to ardent critical reviews, they all express the same thing: the augmented reality game could be dying, as reported by iTech Post.

This is in view of the fact that fans have started to get worn-out of waiting for updates that may or may not be happening.

However, according to the report made by the heavy.com, a new version of the Pokemon Go is about to release with new added features and rebut that the game is not yet dying.

Furthermore, accordingly, the upcoming patch will include the new egg system as well as added icon on the "Pokemon Go" screen that indicates the egg types.