After scrambling for months in finding cheap flights and budget accommodation, you think that's it's over. To tell you the truth, you're not quite there yet. Just a few more reminders, then you're all set!

If you're going on a long-term travel or even if not, there are always essential items you need to keep in check when packing your stuff. Being on the road for a while, you might experience some mishaps and these items are significant in avoiding those types of situation. published a list of essential items people should pack when going abroad, but we just chose five non-negotiable must-haves every traveler should consider.

Copies of Travel Documents

When traveling aroad, always make sure to print multiple copies of your travel documents such as passport, driver's license, travel visas, and your list of itinerary. This is to assure that whatever happens (like missing your stuff while traveling) you have back-up copies of your identification and it won't be as hard to have them sent over by your family when your abroad.

Also, if you're going-away for a while, it is advisable to leave these copies to your family and friends so they will be updated on your status and maintain communication with them as much as possible. Better yet, take photos of them too and send it to yourself and your family members.

Travel Health Kit

It's normal to bring your prescription medication when going abroad, but it's beneficial to bring a travel health kit where you can pack antibiotics (as prescribed by a doctor), antihistamines, decongestants, pain relivers, basic first-aid kit, and other over-the-counter medicines. You'll be finding it hard to buy these types of medications abroad, depending on your destination, and it could lessen your travel expense when you bring your own.

Appropriate Footwear

Crossing borders mean different weather climates, so one of the essentials is a comfortable shoe. Although, this doesn't mean packing every type of shoe there is. You have just have to be more practical on what you should bring like flip-flops and sneakers.


You can't live and travel only with your suitcase when abroad. It's better to have a daypack that you can bring whenever you go exploring which fits your phone, wallet, and other essentials. There are numerous varities of daypack available out there, just pick the one that suit your needs best.

Waterproof / Windproof Jacket

A great waterproof and windproof jacket can save you a ton of struggle when traveling. You'll be facing different weather conditions and elements while on your journey, so a high-quality jacket is necessary. When choosing a type of jacket, check if it's lightweight, waterproof, breathable, comfortable and have multiple pockets inside and out. This will save you and your belongings during rainy season.