Travelling is something we look forward to. It requires preparation not only for the things to bring, but also for the things to do.

Some spends a long time and huge effort planning and getting excited about their travel adventure getaways.

However, there were times when even the best-laid plans can be a haywire of an experience.

When super planned things go wrong, like your luggage goes missing, you lost your pocket money or you end up spending a ridiculous amount of time queuing for something, it all adds up -- breakout!

Fortunately, we can now easily collate online information about the best travellers sharing tips and hacks to prevent disaster.

Here are some of the best Pro Life Tips section of the Reddit:

Save recommendations on Google Maps:

If a person recommends a place they've been to that you found similarly interesting, star and save it on your Google Maps account.

Take a picture of your luggage before airport check-in:

If your luggage got lost in a conveyor or somewhere, it will be easier to show staff a photo of same than to describe it, especially if you are in a foreign country.

Get cashback from convenience stores instead of using can ATM:

Grabbing a cheap soft drink and getting a small amount of cash back is often cheaper than paying the ATM charge - and you'll have a refreshing drink.

Choose a soft piece of carry-on luggage without wheels:

If there are built-in wheels on your carry-on suitcases, it may take up extra space and usually they are heavier.

By means of using a soft bag, you can take more items.

In the airport security line, place the contents of your pockets into your carry-on bag:

Your hand-carry bag should include phone, wallet, keys, watch, travel documents, and anything else you have to put in the tray. Doing so speeds up the screening process considerably and also means you won't leave anything behind.

How to order an Uber taxi at airports that don't allow them:

Take an airport shuttle to any hotel, since they are unlikely to check your booking, then pick up an Uber taxi from there.

To be extra smart, choose a hotel that is relatively near your final destination.

To be able to fit more clothes into a suitcase, pack it upright:

By loading it from the bottom upwards, it is easier to fit more in. It also makes it easier to find clothes when the bag is open and laid horizontally.

How to take the perfect picture of a ceiling:

Put the camera in the middle of the room on a timer and step out of shot.

How to make it easier for your child to find you:

Write your contact information on their wrist and cover it with a liquid plaster, to stop it from rubbing off.