It's always helpful to have some tips and tricks up the sleeves but unfortunately, misfortunes are inevitable. Knowing some travel hacks would definitely come in handy during those times.

Most people handle their own flight details and itinerary, especially booking. Mainly because booking trips on their own doesn't cost a thing unlike seeking the services of a travel agency.

But, it's not as easy as everybody thinks. Booking a flight for a vacation requires a thorough research like weather, cost and time of the year. According to Travel Pulse, "The one mistake customers make when booking their own travel is not doing enough homework," said Greg Antonelle, managing director of MickeyTravels, LLC. "Customers are simply not aware of certain things that can influence their vacation. What is the weather like that time of year? For example, Bermuda in September could be a challenge due to hurricanes."

Sometimes, the agency gives perk to the traveler when booking a flight with them. These travel agencies are always on the look for discounts and on-board credits for their clients. If a trip is booked with them, they can apply discounts and perks even if the promotion was released after the booking transaction. Unluckily, customers are unaware that such discount exists and they are unable to avail this.

Meanwhile, CNTraveler site published some travel mistakes someone didn't imaging would that happen to them. For example, when on a trip, presence of mind is always a must. Don't leave the baggage and belongings unattended. Make sure to always keep them close to avoid losing them.

Another thing is using credit card when on a trip. Maybe not all people know, but using credit card on a trip may cost a fraction more on purchases due to the foreign-exchange policies of banks. Keep in mind to check all banks that offers the most value and additional perks on the side before going on a trip.

Lastly, don't forget to check all documents necessary before the trip. Some people forget to check the validity date of their passports and this cost them their long-awaited trip.

These measures are commonly known to everyone but sometimes, it slips their mind because of being too excited for the upcoming trip. So, better take down notes and bear these in mind.