Many visitors come in huge tour buses, engineers working at The Utah Department of Transportation announced the entrance at the Zion National Park is needing repair. According to UDOT, a 6-mile distance from state route 9 coming from Rockville going into the park's entrance has not had an overhaul for 40 years.

The said entrance of the park has the need to be resurfaced or otherwise rebuilt in its entirety, as reported in UDOT spokesman, Kevin Kitchen shared the process of the road going through the park's entrance being resurfaced or rebuilt. He said:

"As we come into Springdale itself, we've got to go through and reconstruct the road. This will give us the structure we need for several years to come and also give us the ability to push those bike lanes through to Zion National Park."

UDOT staff would also allegedly be more guarded in conserving the historical, sandstone lined cornered irrigation ditches. However, the red-colored pavement, though, should not be needed to be conserved. According to UDOT, the red-colored pavement needs to go away because the lifeline of it does not really last for a long time.

The big construction project would possibly be the cause for delays of motorist travels and , possibly, fewer businesses for companies within the area. Kevin Kitchen said, though, that the construction project would be a complicated mission for Springdale. Kitchen said the high inflow of visitors and business deliveries coming in might clash with the construction project that is ongoing.

UDOT is giving all it can to understand the consequences the project will project on visitors and business owners in Springdale. The construction plan, thus, has been formulated in which the production of the project is divided to take place some in the summer, but in majority to take place during the winter.

Meanwhile, a man named Edward Taylor has reportedly incurred charges of more than one felony charges for physically abusing and sexually harassing a woman at the Zion Park's Beulah Park Nature, as reported by Chicago Tribune.

For the record, though, the Zion National Park is also a good place for hiking, as reported in Boston Herald.