Bike touring is fast becoming a popular way of exploring a tourist destination. Health buffs and extreme adventurists find this a fun and interesting activity as compared to just lounging around by the pool in the hotel.

Anyone can actually do a bike tour. It is not for hardcore enthusiasts only. Sure, some bike tour companies only welcome biking experts, but there are active trips that cater to bikers of all abilities.

Even if you are not a "fit" person because you stay sedentary on normal days, the activity is still an enjoyable one. There are activities of varying difficulties. Try the simple ones first. Nobody is too old to join. As long as you can ride a bike without a problem, you're in.

With that being said, biking tours encourage a group to take their time in enjoying the activity. One session ranges from a half day to half a month. It is not about the speed; it is about completing it.

Some of the places that are known for a scenic bicycle ride are the following:

1) South Korea - Jeju Island is popular among local and international cyclists, with paved roads and beautiful sceneries.

2) Taiwan - Taroko National Park has 19 kilometers of gorge with bike lanes shown in the movie "To The Fore".

3) Japan - Safety and cleanliness are main Japanese priorities when it comes to outdoor activities. Biking is an inexpensive way to tour an otherwise expensive country.

4) Scotland - The nice countryside background can make a 15-day tour around the country from Glasgow to Edinburgh look like peanuts.

5) New Zealand - You will be biking around places that look like they are taken straight from travel magazines.

6) Central Europe - This place offers a challenging but rewarding route. With the Alps in the background during the ride, we are not complaining.

7) Australian outback - Rides are sometimes surprised by few wild animal spotting here and there.