Facebook has taken the place of MySpace in topping the world of social media. After MySpace has faded out of the limelight a few years back, though, there allegedly have still been details of its account users leaking online.

Now, these details may have just been fallen in the hands of criminals and hackers just about everywhere. There have allegedly been 360 million MySpace accounts that were available to be sold, as reported in Independent UK. These accounts were sold on Friday in a 33-gigabyte placed online. These details were shared by Time, Inc. on Monday. Time Inc. is the parent network of MySpace.

The details from MySpace that were leaked then hacked include passwords, email addresses, and usernames. These details hacked from MySpace that dated a few years back, in June 2013. This time was prior a site redesign activity in MySpace that blocked certain security features in it.

In a blog post published on Tuesday, MySpace announced that it has blocked the usage of stolen passwords. This was done so as to prevent people from getting into other people's accounts in MySpace.

It was not clear, though, the number of accounts of MySpace that were hacked which has users still logging on them as of the present time. The tip in avoiding hackers to hack any accounts online (not only social media) is to not use the same username and password for all or several online accounts.

It is better that online users cancel the online accounts they don't use. Or, another alternative for that is for users to create another email address in association with the another unused online account, which, thus, should be separated from the email address associated with other frequently used online accounts.

MySpace is already on its way of sending alerts to the people whose accounts with the social media may have been hacked. MySpace is also coordinating with the appropriate law enforcers to find out the perpetrators of this cyber crime, as reported in Engadget.com.

As of this writing, 65 million accounts have allegedly been hacked online also, as reported in Afr.com.