Previous contestants have been claiming all types of funny stuff that goes on behind the scenes in "The Biggest Loser." Since such allegations have escalated to a worst degree, the Los Angeles Sheriff Office is now exercising through its investigation of a possible unlawful drug use going on on-set of the show.

The Los Angeles Sheriff Department's Lieutenant, James Royal, distributed a statement on Tuesday. In the statement, Royal summarizing the fact that the sheriff has begun the preliminary investigation for a possible drug use on set, as reported in Perez Hilton. 

The Los Angeles sheriff department released a statement in connection with the suspected drug use on the set of "The Biggest Loser," and the planned investigation on set slated to take place. The statement read as follows:

"In May 2016, a journalist advised Malibu/Lost Hills station personnel of a news report regarding unsubstantiated allegations of illegal narcotics use in the past on the set of the television reality show, The Biggest Loser. The show was filmed in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County within the Malibu/Lost Hills station area."

The show's trainer, Bob Harper, reportedly denied the suspected use of drug on-set in "The Biggest Loser", according to People magazine. Harper said the allegations thrown on-set "The Biggest Loser" are false. According to him, the claimed allegations run in complete contrary to his long-term dedication to health and staying fit.

Harper revealed that safety is what comes first on his list before anything else, in conducting training in his show. This, defending further the drug use allegations made on his show are completely false.

Season 10 winner, Patrick House, is grateful to "The Biggest Loser" for helping to stay in fit.

The investigation on the alleged drug use on set in "The Biggest Loser"  was planned after a reporter reported to a Malibu/Lost Hills station reporter of suspected drug use on set in the past, according to CBS News.