On Tuesday, Donald Trump targeted the press for while speaking at a news conference. The presidential candidate has reportedly organized for a news conference to make an announcement of an accounting activity too soon to take place. The said accounting activity was allegedly for Trump's approximately $5.6 million for veterans groups fundraising.

However, the wealthy mogul reported spent majority of the 40 minutes of his speech throwing insults at the journalists present in the news conference, as reported in CNN Edition. Trump referred to these journalists as "dishonest, not good people, sleazy and just worst human beings that could exist on earth."

Trump also said should he be elected as the president of USA, he would behave exactly the same way in The White House as he has had in front of the reporters during the news conference. The presidential candidate said:

"Yeah, it is going to be like this. You think I'm gonna change? I'm not gonna change."

Trump boasted that he was the only presidential candidate who could make $6 million for the veterans. However, Trump did acknowledge that he was the only presidential candidate that get criticisms from the media.

People present at the news conference were allegedly surprised that Trump would still react the way he did towards the press. This is because many were in expectation he would behave in a more professional, or presidential manner.

In the last year, Trump has been sharing his insights on reporters about the journalists who have allegedly bashed him in Twitter and a couple of interviews.

Trump reportedly confirmed he has donated the $5.6 million at a veterans benefits caucuses in Iowa, as reported in The Washington Post. Trump did admit, though, he was pushed to announce this information to the public by the press.

During the news conference on Tuesday, though, journalists shockingly pushed Trump to answer questions despite how irate the presidential candidate appeared to be, according to The New York Times.