American scientists have found out the exact date as to the landslide that arisen out of the accumulation of the legendary canyon. Word has it this canyon goes through over the now identified Zion National Park.

The scientists have analyzed those boulders, as reported in The site further reported that one of the evidences of such analysis was that the existence of the colossal rock avalanche occurred approximately 4,800 years ago. Word has it that scientists have even started to study the data surrounding the findings all over again.

Scientists have found the slide did might have had about 288 million cubic meters debris. This debris is just about enough to hover all over New York's Central Park, to a level of approximately 80 m.

The debris cover Zion Canyon's Virgin River. And, this, in turn, led into the accumulation of a lake that remained in centuries. As the lake continued to accumulate in sediments, the valley formed into a unique evened out floor. This makes it a piece of cake for people to walk on the valley by foot.

The lake eventually disappeared as the erosion dissolves it over time. Hence, the lake continually to disappear even more as the river began to split through it downwards.

This situation mentioned is the reason why almost 45% of the exact landslide deposits have also been take off.

University of Utah's Jeff Moore and his colleagues have made reports of the results of their investigations conducted in the Geological Society of America's Journal, GSA Today. They found that the beryllium-10 amounts were the probable causes of such phenomenon observed in the boulders.

On the other hand, a major violent moving landslide was allegedly the event that occurred in Zion National Park, experts say, according to

Experts see the phenomenon in the Zion National Park as the major crushing event on the trail, as reported in CBS News.