The 17th Doors Open Toronto will be happening this weekend. This event will give residents the chance to gain opportunities to visit over 130 buildings all over the city.

The 17th annual Doors Open Toronto's theme has been "re-used, re-visited, and revised," as reported in The following, though, are the 5 unforgettable places to visit in Toronto:

1. East Scarborough Storefront

The East Scarborough Storefront was first before a substation of a police unit. However, the East Scarborough Storefront was re seen in the past as a community center in 2010. The community center was utilized as project partnership together with community groups to manage homework clubs, career-counselling services, senior citizen services and much more.

The storefront in East Scarborough houses a commercial kitchen. The commercial kitchen is open for use for community cooking and youth programs. Word has it that Scarborough's residents host tours within the storefront all throughout the day.

2. Downsview Park-The Hangar

The Hangar in Downsview Park has been turned into four inddor turf fields, one dome field, one indoor ball hockey section, two multi-sport court sections, a single outdoor track and additional turf fields.

3. Toronto Police Marine Unit

The Toronto police marine unit supervises around 1,200 square kilometers occupying Lake Ontario. Visitors in the marine unit are given opportunities to take a tour on the boat house to safeguard the Marine unit fleet. And, thus, visitors should be given the opportunities to find out the police cars utilized by Marine unit.

4. Toronto Carpet Factory

The Toronto Carpet Factory located in Liberty Village exemplifies the theme. "re-used, re-visited, and revised." During the 1900's, The Toronto Carpet Factory was a growing carpet factory.

5. CN Tower

CN Tower rises above the city of Toronto. This attraction gives visitors a panoramic view of the entire Canadian city, as reported in Planet Ware. Visitors may choose the option to dine in a restaurant up above CN Tower as they view Toronto's panoramic sights.

These activities are just among a couple of places visitors may go to in this eastern Canadian city. Visitors, though, may also visit Toronto's waterfront to get themselves refreshed with a fantastic outdoor ambiance, as reported in