The travel industry would have to live up to offering different vacation getaway locations just so it can safeguard the safety of the travellers. One of the largest tour operators in Europe has revealed this news to CNBC.

Egypt and Turkey are among the destinations feared by travellers due to looming threats of terrorism. Spain and the Caribbean are the preferred destinations of travellers over Egypt and Turkey, due to the observed enhanced safety features the latter cities offer, according to CNBC.

The chief financial officer of Thomas Cook Travel, Michael Healy, narrated to CNBC on Thursday more of what the statistics of travelling would be like. He said:

"This year we've been able to completely remix our holiday program from Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and taking 1.2 million bookings from there to Spain or other destinations... the Canaries [Islands] are up 27 percent, long-haul is up 40 percent, so there is a response that we're managing."

Continental parts of Europe has also not been avoided from tourism loss after the terrorist incidents in Paris and Brussels in the last year. Healy disappointedly shared the losses he saw coming. He said his business made less money for vacation-related ventures to Belgium.

Cook added that his company would still always comply with the United Kingdom's travel-related policies. Cook, though, revealed that his company's initial revenue was $3.9 billion. Cook announced this on Thursday. Reports showed though that summer vacation reservations decreased to 5 percent. This decrease particularly occurred due to less tourists travelling to Turkey.

The recent fatal incidents in Paris and Brussels may have had some American travellers shy away from travelling to Europe. However, according to Joe Duckett, marketing and sales vice president at Windham Cruises, travellers just have to choose carefully which European destinations to go to, and they'll be safe and sound, according to US News Travel.