Royal Caribbean presents its newest and largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas. Its maiden voyage is on May 22, 2016 starting from Sothampton.

Chairman and CEO of the cruise line says, "Harmony of the Seas is the product of our zealous spirit of continuous improvement, where we have combined revolutionary ship design with the technological strides that have defined the Royal Caribbean brand."

The Royal Carribbean cruise ship costs USD$1 billion to make. The ship is 70 meters high and 362.12 meters long. It weighs 226,963 gross tonnes. The large ship can move up to 22 knots. It has 18 decks and 2,747 staterooms.

In one voyage, it can house up to 6,780 guests. This is aside from the 2,100 crew members that are present in every voyage.

The main attraction of the ship is the casino. It will be the expected revenue maker of the cruise line. As usual, it will have slot machines and betting tables.

Other attractions include 23 swimming pools, spa and fitness center, 3D movie theater, 20 restaurants, ice rink, Aqua Theatre, Bionic Bar, Royal Theatre, rock climbing walls, basketball court and zip line.

There are art galleries inside Harmony of the Seas for art lovers. On display are 11,252 art works, plus 10,000 species of plants (50 of which, are trees) in the "Central Park".

For the adventurous youth, the ship offers Adventure Ocean programs. There are also programs for toddlers and babies.

Harmony of the Seas is the third Oasis-class ship of Royal Carribbean International. The first one is Oasis of the Seas, which sailed on December 5, 2009 and entered drydock in 2014. The second is Allure of the Seas, which sailed on December 1, 2010. A fourth ship in the series is currently on production and is planned to sail in 2018.