A group of people were in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) museum in Massachusetts. They were surrounded with historic innovators that started research in this popular college.

These historic innovators were celebrating the launch of a legendary invention referred to as Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a travel app that enables one to rapidly travel quicker than ever before, as reported in Bbc.com. Hyperloop was designed by a man named Elon Musk from Silicon Valley.

Musk has predicted that through the use of Hyperloop in the future travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles and vice versa can be shortened. In other words,  right now it takes 5 hours of driving or an equivalent of one hour of air travel to travel back and forth from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In the future, through the use of Hyperloop, the travel time between these two cities can take only about 30 minutes.

Hyperloop is a special theme based transportation medium that enables passengers to pods and shot through vacuum tubes at over 600 mph. Experts have found that prototype rods have had been experimented in magnetic tracks, similar to the maglev trains that are utilized in other countries like Japan.

Resistance decreases when the air is pumped out of the tubes. This allows high speeds to be produced, thus, fewer energy is produced as compared to that of a train.

Word has it, though, that many challenges are up in the air before Hyperloop launches successfully. Once though Hyperloop becomes a reality in its existence, heavy traffic on the road would be eventually reduced, if not completely abolished, as reported by Popsci.com.

Musk started inventing Hyperloop about three years ago. During that time, he started visualizing the purposes Hyperloop would serve best to the group of people that would use it.