Mark Wiens is a food and travel blogger who is well known for his unmatched passion for street food. He writes about his food and travel adventures on Migrationology, about food in Thailand in Eating Thai Food, and uploads videos about the food that he enjoyed during his travels on his YouTube channel. These websites are rich resources for people to find good places to eat while travelling in a certain country. He is also very descriptive when it comes to describing the food as he eats them.

Wiens is a half-Chinese born in the Phoenix, Arizona, moved to Congo and Kenya, and is currently living in Bangkok. He attended preschool in Albertville, France, and participated in a study abroad program in Tena, Ecuador.

He used to have a passion for cooking until he discovered that there are many people, especially in Asia, who cook better than he can. He owes his cooking skills from his grandfather who was a Chinese chef. Despite the fact that he eats quite a lot, he makes it a point to eat oatmeal for breakfast 6 out of 7 days a week. He considers himself to be an expert when it comes to fruits. His favorite snack is peanuts, and he prefers his coffee black and unsweetened.

He likes to travel and does not like staying in one spot for too long. He usually wears flip flops or sandals and only feels to wear shoes when necessary. When travelling, he'd rather spend more money on food than lodging. He does not like to live in a place with cold weather. He believes that a person's reason to travel should be food, and there is no better way to connect to a country's culture and people but by eating the food they have to offer.