The coming of the holiday season also brings with it opportunities to travel to other countries. This is the time when families tend to go on a vacation with their loved ones to places far from home. This is an opportunity for them to unwind and form bonds together.

Be that as it may, the Russian Consumer Protection Agency issued a warning to their citizens to avoid leaving the country due to various risks to overall health, such as the Bubonic Plague.

Dr. Anna Popova, Rospotrebnadzor's Deputy Head issued such warning after she observed that there are 10 to 15 cases of bubonic plague in America in this year alone. Rospotrebnadzor, or the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being in Russia, reported an average of 10 cases of the plague in America per year. But other countries like Algeria, India, and Indonesia happen to have more cases than in America of the same disease reported each year -- some even reported to have outbreaks.

The Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection which is a result of a bite from rat fleas. Its name is derived from bubo can be defined as swelling of the lymph nodes. The plague had the same characteristics as the Black Death, the pandemic that shook the world during the Medieval times.

Russian authorities also issued citizens to avoid travelling to other countries as well. Egypt, Turkey and Thailand, Russian's favorites, but these countries have been reported to carry security risks. It was also advised not to travel to Europe due to the fact that Europe has become the sanctuary for Syrian refugees which contributed to the spread of infection and diseases.

According to Associated Press, Russian officials issued such health risk warnings to citizens to encourage them not to leave the country. This is so that they will spend their holidays and money where its beneficial for the nation.