Air travel can be an uncomfortable experience. We all have our pet peeves when it comes to flying. They especially come out in situations where you're crammed on a plane with hundreds of other people who have habits that just get on your nerves.

Skyscanner, a UK-based flight comparison website recently conducted a survey in which they asked 2,700 flyers what drives them crazy about flying.

Many of the pet peeves mentioned aren't related to common complaints like children kicking the back of a seat or having to fight over space in an overhead bin. Skyscanner's pet peeves focus more on things about other passengers like people's fashion faux pas, overexposure of certain body parts, and hygiene issues.

One of the pet peeves listed is too much cleavage, which was an issue that hit travel headlines recently as a woman showing a lot of cleavage was told that her outfit was too inappropriate to fly on a Southwest Airlines flight. Another one that makes the list is offensive t-shirts. In May, a woman missed her connecting flight because American Airlines found her t-shirt saying "If I wanted the government inside my womb, I would have f-- a Senator," to be too offensive.

These are Skyscanner's top 10 airplane passenger pet peeves.

10. Flip-flops

9. Football shirts

8. Noisy Jewelry

7. Men Who Display a Hairy Chest

6. Ladies Who Display Too Much Cleavage While Wearing Low Cut Tops

5. White Socks and Sandals

4. Offensive Logos on T-Shirts

3. Midriff/ Beer Belly on Display

2. Sweat Seeping Through Clothing

1. Men Displaying Butt Cracks While Wearing Pants Too Low