With summer approaching, temperatures are heating up across the world. Even this week in New York City, temps are expected to hit 97 degrees and it's still only June. However 97 is nothing compared to the temperature that have been reached in the hottest places on earth. There's that old saying, "it's so hot, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk." Although it may seem like a silly idea, one hot city made a whole event out of it.

Just check out this video in Yuma, Arizona, the hottest city in the U.S., where several people come out to try to challenge the saying.

Yuma, Arizona residents fry eggs on street

Check out these hottest places on earth. If you're brave enough the face the extreme heat, these places may be somewhere interesting to visit. Just make sure to go during the "cooler" months.

Highest Temperature Ever Recorded By Satellite

Lut Desert, Iran

With more developed technology, scientists are able to determine temperatures in places that people would rather not go to since their temperatures reach extreme highs. Using infrared data, scientists recorded a "land skin  temperature" of 159.3 F (70.7 C) in the Lut Desert in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009. Land Skin temperature tells the amount of heating of a certain part of ground from the sun. The heat reaches such a high point in the darker land areas of this location as darker areas absorb more heat, but in general, Lut is a dry and rocky area

Highest Ground Recorded Temperature

El Azizia, Libya

There was much debate over whether this city was the hottest city and it was often believed to be so until the Lut Desert's temperatures were recorded. It's still high up there though. In September of 1922, the hottest temperature ever recorded here was 136 degrees F. Even more shocking is that close to 300,000 people live in this toasty town. These high temps are caused by world due to a burning sandy wind called ghibli, which often appears without warning and can raise the temperature by 68°F (20°C) in just a couple of hours.

Hottest Place Year Round

Dallol, Ethiopia

This high-above sea level land isn't a big place for tourists, and for good reason. Although beautiful, with its yellow sulfur fields and white salt beds, this location has an average year-round temperature of 94 degrees F. On its hotter days, the temps go up above 115 degrees and there has been a reported temperature of 145.

Hottest Place in North America

Death Valley, California

Even the name of this place is scary. Not only is it the hottest in North America, but this Mojave Desert location, on the border of California and Nevada, is also the lowest and driest point in the continent. In July 1913, the hottest temperature every recorded here was at the appropriately named Furnace Creek, as the temperature was 134 degrees F. When this place isn't at 134 degrees, normal temperatures often reach above 115 and in 1917, there was a record 43 consecutive days where temperatures were above 120. During the summer, night temperatures stay around 86 degrees.

Hottest Big City in the World

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the biggest city in Thailand has a population around nine million people.  Temperatures in this tropical city average 95 degrees F. The winter temperatures go down to an average of 85 degrees and the highest temperature ever recorded was 105.4. The humidity of this area doesn't help either, especially during monsoon season.

Hottest Average Temperatures During The Warmest Season

Kuwait City, Kuwait

This city may be on the coast of the Persian Gulf, but the sea breeze can't even cool temperatures here during its hottest season. During the hottest month of August, temperatures average around 116 degrees here, affecting a population of 30,000 and all of those brave enough to sweat it out here on travels.

Hottest City with Extreme Heat

Ahvaz, Iran

This desert city in western Iran is the home of more than one million people, which is surprising as temperatures have reached 125 to 129 degrees several times during the summer months of July and August. Not only are the extreme temperatures an issue, but this place also gets hit with sandstorms.

Hottest City at Night

Samail, Oman

Temperatures only reach a cool 109 degrees in the daytime here, which seems like nothing compared to the temperature in the cities above, but this city makes the list as having the highest temperatures at night, when the sun goes down and things typically cool off. Not here. During an average July, average nighttime temperatures won't even drop below 89 degrees, providing little relief to the 40,000 who reside here.

Hottest City in the United States

Yuma, Arizona

This sizzling city, bordering California and Mexico, reaches an average high of 104 degrees in the summer months, but this isn't the average temperature all year round. Residents make light of the situation by hosting an annual contest in which they attempt to fry and egg on the sidewalk in the hot summer month of July.

Hottest City in South America

Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

This city also may not have the highest temperature ever recorded, but it sure is consistent with its yearly high temperatures. Every month of the year, Ciudad Bolivar heats up over 93 degrees. Winter is a foreign concept to the 340,000 living here, as even in its "cooler months" of June and July, the average temperature still reaches 94 degrees.

Hottest City in Europe

Athens, Greece

Europe is a popular travel destination, but some countries popular cities can get pretty balmy in the summer time. The historical city of Athens has an average temperature of 92 degrees in the summer. Temperatures often reach above 100 and the highest ever recorded was 118 degrees, making the climb to the Parthenon an extra sweaty task.