Disney tourist fingertips getting cut off while on board the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride happened Thursday in Disney World Florida. According to a local emergency official, the Disney tourist fingertips incident was an apparent accident.

On Thursday morning, right after the Disney tourist fingertips were severed at Disney's Magic Kingdom, the British man was immediately taken to the hospital.

Bo Jones, assistant chief of the Reedy Creek Fire Department said the 57-year-old British man from the Disney tourist fingertips incident lost his ring finger and pinky finger on his right hand.

According to the Guardia, Jones said the shocking incident of Disney tourist fingertips getting severed occurred as the victim was holding onto the boat with his fingertips outside the vessel.

As of the current moment, it still isn't clear as to what exactly hit the man's hand and caused it getting cut off.

The name of the man from the Disney tourist fingertips injury has still not been released, but Jones said he is already in stable condition at the hospital. Jones also said that the severed ring and pinky fingers from his right have not been recovered.

Andrea Finger, a Disney spokeswoman confirmed the accident of the Disney tourist fingertips and added that due to the incident, the ride was briefly closed for a couple of hours

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has been reopened to visitors after officials deemed the ride safe once more, said Disney resort spokeswoman Jacquee Whaler.

Meanwhile, the Wichita Eagle reported on the ride having had previous safety warnings to prevent incidents such as the Thursday accident where the Disney tourist fingertips were severed. The warnings cautioned guests to keep limbs inside the boats.

There is also a reported verbal safety message sounding off each time the Pirates of the Caribbean ride are launched. At the current moment, it is not clear if the safety message was pre-recorded or if a Disney employee simply warned the riders.

Though the exact wording of the safety message was not made available, Finger said guests are initially warned to keep hands and feet inside the ride.

There are also signs posted inside the area where guests board the ride. According to Kansas.com, these signs say, 'For your safety remain seated with hand, arms, feet and legs inside vehicle. Supervise children.'

Disney and other area theme parks report "significant injuries" suffered on their attractions voluntarily, such as the recent incident of the Disney tourist fingertips getting severed. Reports say the voluntary injury reports came with an agreement from the state exempting them from public ride-safety regulation.

According to regulations, an injury can only be deemed significant if a guest has been hurt on a ride or if the injury requires immediate hospital confinement of more than 24 hours, such as the Disney tourist fingertips recent incident injury.

In the latest report from Disney, there have been five reported guest injuries in the last quarter of 2013. Three occurred at the Magic Kingdom where one 75-year-old woman fell and broke her wrist while exiting the Mad Tea Party, a 48-year-old man felt ill after riding Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and a 35-year-old man with a pre-existing condition felt heart pain before and after riding The Haunted Mansion.

After riding Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney said a 29-year-old woman felt ill and suffered disorientation and slurred speech, while a 68-year-old man broke his toe on the outer wall of Castaway Creek in the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Disney tourist fingertips accident was the latest injury to have occurred from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride after a 71-year-old woman in late 2012 experienced dizziness, chest pain and mouth numbness and was hospitalized after riding the attraction.