The world of stand-up comedy is wider than the average person's gut during Thanksgiving. There are so many comedians trying to make their way in the field that they often get lost in the fray of the larger names, such as Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle, Aziz Ansari, etc. It's hard to compare to their comedic styles since their storytelling abilities are second to none.

Then there are comedians who successfully develop their own styles. They may not be as bombastic as Aziz Ansari, who frolics around onstage, or as explicit in his material as Louis C.K., but they bring their own artistic license to the craft. Here are 5 veteran stand-up comedians that you may have heard of, but probably haven't. [Beware: There is some explicit language that might not be appropriate for those with sensitive ears, are at work, or have debilitating heart conditions.]

1. Dylan Moran- The eccentric Irishman is renowned in the UK and Ireland for being the writer of Black Books, an acclaimed British sitcom revolving around the life of misanthropic and somewhat maniacal Bernard Black, his reluctant friend Manny, and his oft-lost lifetime cohort, Fran. The comparison to his character on Black Books is astounding, as he once called Bernard Black 'him without a filter.' From Dylan's stand-up, it's hard to tell whether such a filter even exists.

2. Reginald D. Hunter- Born in Georgia, USA but based in the UK, Reginald D. Hunter mixes in intellectual discussion on race and racism, nationality, politics, and stereotypes into his comedy. Extremely articulate, he is a frequent guest on many British panel shows where, aside from bringing some southern charm, is often straightforward and didactic in his approach to both discussion and comedy.

3. Frankie Boyle- Perhaps the most insulting Scotsman on the planet, Boyle was kicked off popular British panel show Mock the Week for stating, in no particular terms, that the Queen was so old that her reproductive parts were home to ectoplasmic entities (re: ghosts). Often crude and unexpected, Boyle thrives in turning something that might sound innocent into an absolute bombshell, and he has built a career off of it.

4. Milton Jones- Often mistaken for a drunkard on holiday, this Hawaiian shirt-clad roustabout-haired comedian sometimes gives the impression that he isn't aware what day it is. His comedy style, with his ululating voice and beady eyes, is half-based in his physically uncertain posturing reminiscent of trying to get that one last lager in, and half in your understanding of what he is saying.

5. Stewart Francis- A veritable king of one-liners, Francis will turn a pun on just about any phrase and say it straight-faced as if he had just ordered off a menu. Internationally acclaimed, the Canadian-born comedian has toured all over the world, though he remains relatively niche in terms of popularity.