Disneyland fire today reportedly caused a bit of a panic on some guests at the 'Happiest Place on Earth.' What was only a trash fire apparently turned into a big one prompting the theme park's fire department to respond. As a result, the Disneyland fire today resulted in some tense moments for Disneyland patrons on Sunday.

The Disneyland fire today treated some park visitors to a site which was not pleasant. According to KTLA, the Disneyland fire today was visible across the park hence caused some tension amongst guests.

Lisa Greathouse, a spokeswoman for Disneyland Resort said that the Disneyland fire today broke out on a loading dock in the backstage area of the park around 4:20 p.m. As such, a trail of black smoke can be seen in various areas of the park, which according to CBS Local includes the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and Toontown. The evidence was shown in photos posted via Twitter.

Tom Wait of CBS2′s has interviewed some people at the park and asked them about the Disneyland fire today. Some appeared to be scared relaying their experience on the Disneyland fire today.

Apparent from behind Cinderella's Castle, the smoke emanating from the Disneyland fire today can be seen over miles.

One patron reportedly said regarding the Disneyland fire today, 'It did look pretty scary, yes.'

Some people reportedly Tweeted photos of the massive smoke from the Disneyland fire today which came from Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and Small World.

Wait also interviewed several families who said they didn't know what to do and was anxious that the Disneyland fire today might ruin the experience of their family, especially their three-year-old daughter.

Sabrina Cole told the news station, 'I was actually worried. It's my first time being down here in California going to Disneyland. I was like 'Oh God, don't tell me it's on fire.''

Another parent named Stephanie Merl, told CBS while holding her daughter, 'I didn't want her to miss out on her first trip, so we were hoping there wasn't anything major going on.'

Fortunately, guests were able to keep calm and still enjoy the theme park despite the Disneyland fire today.

Merl also said, 'We noticed there weren't large numbers of people leaving the park so we assumed there was no big evacuation or anything.'

According to reports, the fire department was fortunately able to stop the Disneyland fire today in as little as 10 minutes. Anaheim authorities also said that although the Disneyland fire today seemed unsuspicious, arson investigators are on the case.

There was no need for an evacuation as the Disneyland fire today has been contained immediately, confirms Disneyland officials. A theme park spokesperson also said that the fire was never close to any guests or attractions thus no injuries were reported.

Greathouse said that it was however not immediately clear what property was damaged by the Disneyland fire today.

Disneyland fire today has been confirmed as caused by trash that somehow caught fire.