Yo Yo Honey Singh is dead. At least that's what the Internet is saying. However the Punjabi rapper didn't die. He's just the victim of an Internet death hoax. Honey Singh is just fine.

Rumors started swirling this week that Yo Yo Honey Singh died in a car accident. Photos were shared across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which showed connected to tubes Singh in a hospital bed, which some took as proof that the musician did indeed die. However the rumors are fake. He may have "died" in a car crash in his music video for "Bring Me Back," but he didn't die in real life. Singh is just fine and he took to social media himself to put an end to the false reports.

"News of YoYo's accident is a fake rumour must be spread by some haters. Please don't bother and Keep blessing YoYo," the rapper's Twitter and Facebook accounts said.

Singh has too much going on to be dead. He's currently in Dubai, trying to launch a boxing tournament, the Global Fighting Championship (GFC) there. As a trained martial arts and boxing enthusiast, Singh has a big interest in the sport. He's also set to make his television debut in a reality show in India. Teaming up with Star Plus, Yo Yo Honey Singh will be a judge and mentor on the singing reality show, India's Raw Star so he can pick the next big musical talent in India.

Despite the rumor of his death being false, not everyone realized it as first. Many fans took to Twitter to mourn and question the loss of the musician. Some examples of those tweets include:

"Honey singh no more died in an accident in dubai really astonishing cant believe - feeling shocked"

"Honey Singh died??"

"Yo yo Honey Singh dead in car accident.Is it true?"