Miley Cyrus tried to commit suicide. At least that's what the Internet is saying. However the "Wrecking Ball" singer didn't try to kill herself. She's just the victim of an Internet hoax.

Rumors started swirling around Twitter claiming that the controversial pop star tried to commit suicide. A CNN Twitter account Tweeted a photo of a CNN website that said Cyrus was hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt. There were no other details. However the photo and report is false. There is nothing about Cyrus' suicide attempt of the actual CNN site or on any reliable news network because it didn't happen.

The CNN Twitter account with the handle @CNNOFFICIAL is anything but official. It is a fake account that also tweeted about 9/11 being a hoax and  Vine sensation King Bach being shot and skilled. The real CNN Twitter accounts are @CNN and @CNNBRK for breaking news.

The news is false yet it was tweeted by close to 400 people, so some fans were concerned about the star's wellbeing. Some fans took to Twitter to discuss the news. Some examples of those tweets include:

"wait miley cyrus tried to commit suicide what"

"Miley Cyrus the famous young singer is hospitalized after being failed suicide attempt."

"Miley Cyrus attempt suicide?"

"Pray for Miley Cyrus  suicide is something serious a troubled thought that some people find hard to overcome"

"@MileyCyrus I just read you attempted to commit suicide I hope that's not true u seem fine to me Miley."
OK Magazine also recently said that Cyrus is indeed suicidal over the loss of her dog and the breakup with Liam Hemsworth. Ok says Mile is "in a dark place, and pals are worried that the hard-partying pop star may even be borderline suicidal."
Cyrus is currently on tour. She recently stopped in Oslo, Norway.