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Jacq Evans

Beautiful Tree House with Unique Shape Created From Wooden Material

Woodman's Treehouse: The Most Eco-Friendly Wooden Tree House That Would Turn Tarzan Green With Envy

The Woodman's Treehouse in west Dorset is the most eco-friendly wooden tree house equipped with complete features for an utmost glamping experience.


Delta Unveils Low-Fare Song Airlines Jets

Rear Seat Kicking, Non-Stop Chit-Chatting or Excessive Scents: Most Annoying Passenger Behavior On Plane

Expedia recently conducted a survey on the most annoying passenger behavior while on a plane and the result is relatable to most passengers.


Italy: 30 missing as avalanche hits an Rigopiano hotel near Pescara

Rigopiano Luxury Hotel Buried Guests In Snow; Rescuers Race To Find Surviros;More Dead Bodies Retreived

A massive avalanche caused by a series of tremors in Italy buried a once luxurious Rigopiano hotel where 35 guests were reportedly under deep rubble and snow as rescuers continue with the search and rescue operation.


Migrants Arrive On The Beaches Of Kos In Greece

Gambia Is On A State Of Emergency; Thomas Cook Flies Travelers Back To The UK; Gambian Leader Unwilling To Step Down

Gambia is in a state of emergency with the worsening political situation, most Gambians left the country in fear of an impending domestic war while travelers and tourists flock the airport to catch a flight back home.


Nanjing China 南京

Nanjing: The Original China; The City of Emperors

Ninjing is rich with China's history and its sights and attractions are speaks a lot about the Old China.


Eerie Drone's Eye View Of Crumbling Communist Buzludzha Monument

Buzludzha Monument: Bulgaria's UFO & Communism's Forgotten Past

Buzludzha Monument or popularly known as Bulgaria's UFO is the country staunch reminder of the place's communist past.


In Praise Of All Things VW At The Annual Festival

The 28-Feet Luxurious Tiny Mobile Cabin With Rock Climbing Wall For Travelers With Active Lifestyle

Tiny Heirloom constructed a 28 feet-long luxury tiny cabin with rock climbing walls for owners who want to maintain their active lifestyle while traveling.


Azamara Quest

For Adults Only Desire Cruise With Steamy Themes Designed For Open-Minded Couples Will Sail In Autumn

The second Desire Cruise will set its first sail in the autumn of 2017 as it boasts of its luxurious program with exclusive facilities and for adults only entertainment, steamy theme nights, and sensual first class accommodations.


Roswell, New Mexico - International UFO Museum And Research Center HD (2016)

Roswell, New Mexico: World's Most Popular UFO Crash Site

It has been almost seven decades since the famed UFO crash reportedly happened in Roswell, New Mexico, and since then the place has changed a lot.


TSA Screens Passengers At Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport: Proof Why It Is Evil; Structure; Interior Set Up & More

The Denver International Airport has been hurled with unending issues from conspiracy theorists ranging from its layout, structure, location even its paintings and sculptures.


Blacksmiths create dazzling

Top 5 Best Places To Celebrate Lunar New Year This 2017

These are the top 5 best places in the world to celebrate the Lunar New Year on this year of the Rooster.


International Spy Museum Openning Ceremony

There Is A School For Training Secret Agents In Scotland

The Drumintoul Lodge in the 1940's served as a training school for secret agents trained to demolish the Nazi forces during World War II.


Timelapse Porto, Portugal Sunset

There Is A Country In Europe That Is Happy Being Sad

Portugal is a country in Europe ranked as the 93rd most sad country in the world that exudes melancholy visible in its sculptures, in its music, and in its people.


Bled, Slovenia 4K

The Fairy Tale Island That Will Captivate The Hearts Of Travelers Hoping For A Happily Ever After

The Bled Island in Northwestern Slovenia is a fairy tale like a place with an iconic bell that is believed to grant your wishes.


Was Yamashita's Gold Discovered?

Yamashita Treasure Has Been Found In The Philippines

A recent video uploaded in YouTube claims to have discovered the fabled Yamashita Treasure in the Philippines.


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