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Flight Attendant Kicks Crying Woman Off Plane (VIDEO)

American Family Kicked Off American Airline Flight Due To Nut Allergy

A family traveling on Christmas was deplaned two minutes after boarding because of nut allergy.


People Protest Travel Ban at LAX Airport

Dual Citizens With Canadian Passports Not Covered By Trump Ban

Canadian government assures dual citizens with Canadian passports can still get into the US despite Trump's travel ban.


Disneyland Celebrates 60 Years of Magic

Disneyland Is Opening A New & Exclusive Disney Club That Is Insanely Posh

21 Royal in Disneyland is now open for those who would like to enjoy a posh and totally new Disneyland experience.


Ryanair Cut Profit Forecast After Post-Brexit Pound Plunge

Ryanair Suspends One Month Old Holiday Package Service Due To Screen Scraping Issue

Ryanair has suspended its holiday package service due to an illegal screen scrapping on the airlines travel fare.


Walt Disney's House Tour Open For the First Time

You Can Now Stay At Walt Disney's Technicolor Dream House In Palm Spring

Walt Disney's Technicolor home in Palm Springs is now for rent, and interested parties can now enjoy the vibrant house lavishly designed for the Disneys.


Mysterious UFO cloud hovers over Sweden

Mysterious UFO-Shaped Cloud Mystifies Swedish Ski Town & Some Other Places

Witnesses took to social media a mysterious looking cloud resembling a UFO floating in the sky on January 25.


Power Outage Strands Delta Airlines Operations Worldwide

Airline Passengers Can Now Make & Receive Calls At 35K Feet Through Cloud SIM App

The Cloud SIM app is a new app in the market which allows users to make and receive calls even at 35,000 feet, turns a tablet into a smartphone, and charges call to the UK at 1p per minute.


Drought And Climate Change Threaten Colorado River Basin

Drone Spotted A Massive Fissure That Opens In Arizona Desert Predicted To Grow

A drone flyover conducted by AZGS revealed a massive two-mile fissure that opens in the desert of Arizona and is predicted to grow.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London | Forbidden Forest

'Harry Potter' Studio Tour Unveils The Forbidden Forest

"Harry Potter" Studio Tours is opening the gates of the Forbidden Forest starting March 31, 2017.


Leonardo DiCaprio Has Lunch At The Social Bite Restaurant, Home

The Carribean Island Of Virginia Caye Is Up For Auction In eBay; $500K Island With Leo DiCaprio As A Neighbor

Brit Reed has put her Virginia Caye Isle for auction for $500,000, with a 4-acre expanse of nature and coral reefs, water collection system, and solar power facilities.


The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Icelandic Phallological Museum: The Museum That Houses The Largest Number Of Male Genitalia

Icelandic Phallological Museum is popularly known as the only place in the world to home the largest collection of male genitalia.


Serial Podcast Leakin Park Animation Adnan Syed Jay Jenn

Leakin Park: The Dumping Ground For Murdered Bodies

Leakin Park in Baltimore, Maryland is earning a growing reputation as a dumpsite for murdered victims.


Amazing temple story | Karni mata temple - The Best of India

The Karni Mata Temple: The Temple Where People Worship The Rats & Seek Them For Healing

The Karni Mata Temple in India is home to thousands of rats where people revered them and sought their help for healing.


Museum of alchemists(the attic) - Prague

The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

The Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague is home the actual things of the famous charlatans or bold scientists of Prague dating back in the time of Rudolf II.


The Haunted - Dog Suicide - Overtoun Bridge

The Haunted Overtuon Bridge Holds The Most Number Of Dogs Jumping To Their Deaths

The haunted Overtuon Bridge in Scotland is popularly known as the suicide spot of dogs ranging from since the 1950s.


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