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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Chapter 121 Hinted Progress In Kaneki & Touka’s Relationship: First Trailer For Live-Action Film Released!

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:47 AM EDT

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As for the anime version of Sui Ishida's dark fantasy "Tokyo Ghoul," no reliable reports are announced as of the moment and fans of the hit series remained in the dark for highly anticipated Season 3. Meanwhile, fans are getting excited for the upcoming live-action adaptation where they can satiate their hunger for action-packed ghoul adventures. While the anime has diverted away from the manga storyline, the latest chapter of the manga hinted that Kaneki Ken and Touka Kirishima is about to get intimate.

The 121st Chapter of "Tokyo Ghoule: re" titled "One Will Hang" started off with Kaneki Ken having a conversation with Akira Mado. She said to her former mentor that she is heartbroken after meeting Fueguchi Hinami and that she now has some emotions that she doesn't really understand. She doesn't know where to cling to and it will not be Kaneki as he is not Haise Sasaki anymore. She just punched him in the gut and left saying that there's something in Kaneki that she really liked.

At the final panels of Chapter 121, the scene jumps forward into Touka's coffee shop where Kaneki and Touka are having a brief exchange of dialogues. According to Comic Book, Touka dropped the big question where she asked Kaneki if he was a virgin on the cliffhanger of the chapter. Fans and readers of the series were caught off-guard by the sudden question but knowing Touka, we can expect nothing less from her lack of hesitation.

Throughout the series, their relationship is somewhat complicated as Kaneki has been continuously distant from Touka. However, it is evident that there is a budding romance between them where they both care for each other in more ways than being good friends. Some fans believe that Touka's question is more than just curiosity and that she is making the first move in their budding relationship.

On the other hand, the filmmakers of the live-action adaptation of "Tokyo Ghoul" released a 30-second trailer last week. Though the trailer doesn't reveal much about the plot of the upcoming movie, the trailer showcased Kaneki's iconic mask and Yuu Aoi who played the binge eater Rize as reported by Inquirer. "Tokyo Ghoul" is slated to release on July 29, 2017.

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