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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Likely A Prequel But Could Also Be Sequel At The Same Time

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

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Red Dead Redemption 2, prequel story, sequel story

Ever since Rockstar Games came out with trailers and teasers for "Red Dead Redemption 2" there hasn't been any update since. But fans have been digging for leaks and information and it seems the upcoming game could be a prequel to "Read Dead Redemption" and a sequel at the same time.

According to a report from GameRant, the game's second installment will likely feature the story of John Marston when he was still going around with former associates Bill Williamson and Dutch, who was the former leader of the gang.

The report said that there are shreds of evidence showing it might be a prequel starting with the resume of actor Matt Bradford, where it mentioned that he was doing a motion capture for the character Dutch. But Bradford is not alone, as actor Roger Grunwald also listed a mocap work, where he played the German psychiatrist known as Menchen.

The report said both this listing are already taken down, but they have already somehow hinted as to the characters that will be appearing in "Read Dead Redemption 2." Though the information is pointing to the game to likely be a prequel, it's also possible that it will actually be a sequel as well.

RDR2 reports that it's possible that Rockstar Games will be creating two stories in "Red Dead Redemption 2," which will require players to jump from timeline to timeline. One timeline would focus on the prequel, which is the story of Jack, while the other would continue the story of Jack Marston, making it the sequel.

This theory stemmed from the rumor that the game will be having multiple protagonists, which could mean players will be switching timelines and stories after completing missions and quests. The report said that another clue that the game is possible to be a sequel is the presence of certain technology in the trailers, such as telephone lines.

Whether it's a sequel, a prequel, or both, hopefully, Rockstar provides more information in the coming weeks. "Red Dead Redemption 2" is scheduled for a release sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the teaser trailer for the game in the video below.

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