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The Five Most Important Vacation Preparation Tips For 2017

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 03:34 AM EST

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Long airport lines, long waits and inevitable possible travel struggles await any travelers. To make 2017 travels amazing, travelers must resign themselves to these as "good stress." Indeed, travels must help travelers relax -- but about 5 hours in a relaxing beachside without activities can also evolve into bad stress.
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Many tips from years past ring true when planning a hassle-free vacation for 2017. From keeping the house safe from burglars to obsessing over getting maximum value out of a vacation versus a relaxing trip where "everything goes," here are the best tips to prepare travelers mentally and physically for their upcoming vacation.

Travelers Can Bring Work With Them. The advice that "work should stay where it is" does not apply to today's internet-connected world but it can be stressful during vacations if travelers do not schedule it properly. The old adage of "there is time for everything" -- including email notifications -- applies.

Easing The Transition. According to Men's Health -- citing UCLA studies -- sudden relaxation after long periods of stress could result to lower white blood cell count. The magazine advises easing the transition by allocating a day or two of no work but with great exercise or mental stimulation before heading on a vacation.

Resignation To All Sources of Holiday Stress. Common suspects of holiday stress are long lines, crowds of people, troublesome family members, sudden inevitable events beyond the travelers' and management's control and obsessive expectations of maximum value for the amount paid for the vacation. Travelers must resign themselves to the fact that all of these troubles will exist.

Relaxation Is Still Hell. A body already adapted to high stress levels will want stimulation. One can think of vacations as removing "bad stress" for "good stress" such as physical activity, dancing, reading a book, pursue a creative endeavor and others.

Managing Children. Family trips are as stressful as work stress -- maybe even more. It does not have to be that way according to Family Twist. The vacation website advises that everyone -- including the kids -- are to be involved in all vacation plans. Have children decide things and the more involved they are, the better the vacation.


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