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Travel Tips: The Best Theme Parks In Paris

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:11 AM EST

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Family travels in Paris do not need to be about museums and historic art galleries. Kids can get tired of civic and historic tourism. Yes, Disneyland Paris is amazing but Paris and the entire France has tons more theme parks including a Jurassic park, a futuristic paradise, a middle-age Europe theme park and more.

Parc de Preihistoire de Bretagne is still history -- but a bit cooler for youngsters who love dinosaurs. Relieve the Jurassic era in the Parc de Preihistoire de Bretagne complete with 30 dinosaur replicas. Actors act as prehistoric people hunting, fishing and performing other activities. The 20-hectare park is a fun and educational experience for all traveling families.

Parc Asterix -- Anyone familiar with France's iconic comic book character Asterix should know that it has its own theme park complete with rollercoasters, dodgecars and mascots. But there is more to Asterix's world than anything else; you could explore the "cartooned" history of Gaul, Vikings, Ancient Greece, Rome and even Egypt. According to Britanny Ferries, there is a time machine in this theme park.

Every structure in Parc du Futuroscope is somewhat a marvel of the future. In 60 hectares of land lay a theme park about fantasy technology likely to arrive in the near future. Rides include a giant robot arm that dances you upwards. There is a lack of rides but the number of multimedia attractions -- including an "Ice Age: The 4d Experience" ride -- is truly amazing.

A theme park of assorted themes, according to SotiraParis, La Foire Du Trone opens only for months and it is quite understandable; maintaining 350 attractions and 80 rides including rollercoasters could be difficult and expensive. It might also be due to tradition from 957 AD that the park needs to close down for a while every year.

Relive history all over again by ditching some rides in favor of some spectacular live-action shows that recreate the war of Vikings, Roman warriors and a bunch of other historic characters. Puy du Fou is a live museum that poses as a theme park or even a movie set with 1,200 actors doing blacksmithing, fights, grand battles and celebrations.

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