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US Family Searches For Nanny They Can Bring To An Around-The-World Trip

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Jan 09, 2017 04:55 AM EST

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Would you like to travel the world for free? Except for your phone bill, would you like to not worry about any travel expenses such as airplane fares, hotel accommodations, food and such?

You can! But here's the catch: You have to be the nanny of 3 small children. American couple Derek and M'Kenzie Tillotson, a family based in Utah, are currently looking for a nanny that they can take to their around-the-world trip. They have 3 small children with them-Porter, Beckett and Baby Wren--, so they need a need a nanny that can help them take care of their kids. Salary would be around US$1200-1500.

They posted a video describing their ad, where they elaborated the qualifications they need for a nanny. "We're looking for someone who will love our kids as much as we do, even when they're acting like this," Mrs Tillotson said in the video, showing her 3 children running and screeching around the house.

They also need a nanny that has a background in education, because he/she will be helping the Tillotsons in homeschooling the children while they're traveling abroad. Applicants are also reminded that they also have to help in other house chores, but needn't worry about doing so much work.

 "You'll be an honorary member of the family and will be treated with respect and be able to voice your opinion," the Tillotsons said. "You will have one to two days off each week, depending on our travel schedule, to explore and have your own adventures."

"Both Derek and I will be working, usually from home, so we will be there to chip in as we can. But we will rely on you primarily to do the homeschooling. Schooling will be five days a week for a few hours, preferably after breakfast. This way, the rest of the day is free for us to go out and explore."

Deadline for the submission of applications was actually first stated to be in late January, but since the video went viral and had garnered over 7.4 million views on Facebook, the cute family decided to stop receiving applications because of the overwhelming amount they received.

The family is expected to start their trip on July, plotting their trip from the US to Iceland, to other countries in Europe, and then to the Pacific Islands to Asia. The trip would take a year, but the nanny will get a time off during Christmas, where she will be able to spend the holidays with his/her family.

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