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Hilton Dead Sea Resort

The Lowest Point On Earth Just Opened A New Luxury Hotel

Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa is the first ever luxury hotel of Hilton in Jordan.


Smartphone Protection -- Armband

Five Ways To Guarantee Maximum Phone Protection

Smartphones are essential for today's travelers and these five protection tips and accessories guara...


Etihad Airways

Etihad Airlines Will Provide Free iPads To Those Affected By Travel Ban

For first and business class passengers flying to the US from Abu Dhabi, guests are offered a free i...


Delta's New In-Flight Safety Video -- Version 5

Korean Air And Delta Air Signs Agreement To Boost Partnership

A memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties to seal their historic partnership.


New convention and exhibition center 'EXPOFORUM' Saint-Petersburg

Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum Is Now Open For Business In Russia

A new addition to the ExpoForum Complex in St. Petersburg is a luxury hotel by Hilton.


Google Trips

Five Compelling Reasons To Use Google Trips

Google has solutions to almost everything, including a possibly amazing, comprehensive and unique tr...


Draymond Green Is A Fan Of 'Hotel Tonight' App For His Travel Needs

Draymond Green Is A Fan Of 'Hotel Tonight' App For His Travel Needs

Draymond Green is a fan of Hotel Tonight for many reasons, most of them involve reserving hotels for...


The Five Best Alternatives To Airbnb

The Five Best Alternatives To Airbnb

Airbnb is a fast-growing company for shared properties and owners looking to profit from their amazi...


HelloGbye App

'HelloGbye' App Launched In Apple Store, Features Big Data Integration From American Express

"HelloGbye" AI-based travel app is recently released in Apple stores. It previously partnered with A...


The World's Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Openings of 2017

Alila Fort Bishangarh: A Fortress Turned Five-Star Resort

Alila Hotels and Resorts spent seven years restoring the old warrior fort.


Experience Style & Space - SpringHill Suites Commercial

SpringHill Suites Now Open In Dayton, Ohio

The newest Marriott franchise just opened in Dayton last March 23, 2017.


Airbuss A330

New Budget Airline Promises Long-Haul Flights Below $200

Competing against Norwegian Airlines, British Airways' parent airline International Air Group had la...


Iceland - Blue Lagoon

A Luxury Hotel Will Soon Be Built Inside The Lava Flow In Icleand's Blue Lagoon

The Lava Cove and Moss Hotel is slated to open in fall this year.


China Tries to Wipe Out Toilet Paper Theft With Face Scanner

A Public Restroom In China Uses Facial Recognition Software To Catch Toilet Paper Thieves

Guests who use the public restroom in the Temple of Heaven in China must now be subjected to facial ...


Let us entertain you | Emirates Airline

Emirates Will Allow US-Bound Passengers To Use Laptops and Tablets Until Boarding

Emirates passengers can bring their gadgets past the security gates but are required to turn them ov...


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