Ever seen something that is already millions of years old? Well, visit Oman and you'll find a cave that is two million years old. 

Known as the Al Hoota Cave, it can be found at the foot of the country's tallest mountain. It stretches nearly five kilometers underground and ends at Cave Lake. 

The Al Hoota Cave is definitely worth a visit when you're in Oman. Here's what you have to know before you make that trip. 

Al Hoota Cave, Oman
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Al Hoota Cave's Facebook page)

Entry Fee

Oman works hard to protect the Al Hoota Cave, and only a maximum of 750 people can visit it each day. In order to ensure that you're one of those 750 people, it is recommended to book your visit in advance. It can be done by clicking here

Booking your visit will allow you to participate in a tour, which lasts around 45 minutes. There are English-speaking guides available, and it is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before your allotted time. 

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Oman's Only Electrical Train

To start your journey, you will need to find your way to the Al Hoota Cave Visitor Centre. From there, you will ride Oman's only electric train, which will take you to the foot of the mountain. 

The short train ride will give you a wonderful view of the surrounding area, so make sure your cameras are ready to snap some photos!

Al Hoota Cave Visitor Centre

Speaking of the Al Hoota Cave Visitor Centre, make sure to allot time to look around. It has a gift shop where you can buy a thing or two to remember your visit by. There is also a food corner where you can enjoy a light snack as well as hot and cold beverages. 

One thing you shouldn't miss is the geological exhibition in order to learn more about Oman's geological history. 

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