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World War II

Underground Nazi ‘city’ of bunkers built by Dutch slaves

Adolf Hitler’s Secret Underground Nazi World Undergoes Restoration For Tourism

World War II history is becoming alive with the discovery of the many bunkers and tunnels built during the Nazi occupation. The structures are now being restored for future visits.


Relic hunter launches appeal to reunite families of WW2 heroes with dog tags

Over 14,000 WWII Dog Tags Discovered By Relic Hunter; Man Promises To Give Them Back To Families

The dog tags were found in a field near an anti-aircraft battery site by relic hunter Dan Mackay. The name labels are believed to be from soldiers during World War II.


Radioactive Waste Cleanup Continues At Hanford Nuclear Reservation

National Park Service To Open Historical Atomic Bomb Sites

The National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of Energy have collaborated in opening three historical spots where atomic bombs in the U.S. were first made.


Boy finds WWII plane and pilot's remains

14-Year-Old Boy Discovers WWII Plane And Its Pilot's Remains In His Family's Farm

Fourteen-year-old Daniel Kristiansen from Denmark was just doing a research on World War II when he stumbled on a WWII airplane and its pilot on his family's farm. He and his father identified it to be a German Messerschmitt fighter plane, an aircraft which was considered as the most advanced fighter plane during that era.


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