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Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Travel Tips: Inside The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter In Osaka, Japan

Experience the magical realm of the wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka Japan


Singapore Serves Harry Potter's Goblet Of Fire

In Singapore, you’re not going to Platform 9 ¾ to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but rather, you take the route to Platform 1094. It’s the newest Harry Potter themed restaurant where local muggles get to taste dishes featured in the books and movies.


Wizarding World of ‘Harry Potter’ Hollywood Hacks Every Potterhead Should Know

Wizarding World of ‘Harry Potter’ Hollywood Hacks will be the best guide for the top 5 secrets any Potterhead can enjoy.


A Must See Event For Orlando Tourists! 'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Will Probably Get A Night Time Show This 2017

A nighttime show to stage in Wizarding World Of ''Harry Potter'' might happen this year with projection mapping expected to be one of the main attraction.


"Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" Within Universal Studios Theme Parks

Magical creatures may be known to inhabit the world of Harry Potter, but they've also managed to make their way into our "muggle world". These three amusement parks are home to your favorite mystical beings.


A Superfan's Guide To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Check this superfan’s guide to experience wizarding world of Harry Potter that you will treasure for a lifetime.


'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' Opens on April 2016 in California

Wizards and muggles alike will certainly be delighted with news of a Harry Potter theme attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood set to open on April 7, 2016. In the promotional video, Universal Studios illuminated the Hogwarts Castle in the location when they made the announcement. Stuart Craig is brains behind the upcoming wizardry theme park seeing that he was responsible for the production design of all the Harry Potter movies.


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